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Swings / Vestibular

Swings / Vestibular

Residential and Commercial Swings: disabled swings, therapy and sensory swings, and swings for adults

Select the swing that supports your children development and brings joy. Swing can be a valuable investment to help children with their sensory integration, development of movement areas and improvement of their ABC: agility, balance, and coordination. Swinging provides many benefits to your children development. It improves the vestibular movement, let them calm down, and most of all, give them enjoy the simple pleasure of swinging that we all enjoyed ourselves as kids. 

Browse a wide range of indoor and outdoor swings: therapy and sensory swings, autism swings, disabled swings, and swings for adults. And check how you can fix the swing to the swing frame.


Pod Chair Swing  - Blue -34%

Pod Chair Swing - Blue

$79.00 $120.00
Pod Chair Swing  - Pink -43%

Pod Chair Swing - Pink

$69.00 $120.00

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