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Special Needs Adaptive Disability Swing Seat with Chainset - BLUE

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KBT Special needs swing 'chainset' (Commercial)

Swinging helps children and adults process sensory input effectively, which can be particularly beneficial for those with sensory processing disorders. This swing seat features a large seating area, making it versatile and suitable for a range of ages, including teenagers and adultsThe seat is provided with a Shock-absorbing bumper. The seat is available in three colours: red, green and blue. This 'chainset' version has a safety chain in stainless steel. The extra large seating area creates the impression of being in a rocking boat/hammock which adds to the fun. 

    This adaptive swing seat is made out of rotation moulded HDPE and a 6 mm chainset and is specially made for children with special needs. Inclusive Play Equipment like this inclusive disability swing seat are designed to facilitate ease of use and so it allows a child to be more easily lifted onto the swing and quickly secured.

The semi-reclined design offers better upper/lower body support.  The arm rests provide lateral support and the safety chain which is attached to the chain fixtures keep children secure. With its partially reclined, body-embracing design and safety chain it offers children a safe and comfortable fun ride. 

Benefits of Special Needs Swings

Development of ABC Skills

Agility: Swinging requires children to adjust their body positions, enhancing their agility.

Balance: Maintaining balance on a moving swing strengthens core muscles and stability.

Coordination: Coordinated movements are essential for swinging, thus improving overall motor skills.

Swinging helps children process sensory input effectively, which can be particularly beneficial for those with sensory processing disorders.


    Dimensions : 580 x 786 x 790
    Standards: compliant with EN-1176
    Warranty: 2 years
    Seat: rotation moulded HDPE
    With shock-absorbing bumper
    Stainless Steel chain set commercial
    Safety chain in stainless steel and armed rope
    To be hung from a max height of  2.5m
    All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations, and comes with Certification, 2-years warranty, manufactures date, safety care instructions.


    Product group Commercial use > Swinging
    Product type Support swing seat
    Dimensions 580 x 786 x 790
    Beam type max 2.50 m

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