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Indoor Sensory Therapy Gym Timber

Indoor Sensory Therapy Gym Timber

Indoor Home Therapy Gym - Sensory Therapy Gym 

All in one Indoor Sensory Therapy Gym for children.

Monkey bars, spinning and swinging all in one. A sensory indoor therapy gym designed for children whom require vestibular import. The sensory indoor therapy Gym comes with swing hooks at the top of the monkey bar which allows different swings to be attached to the gym very easily.

Swings for the Sensory Therapy Gym are sold separately.

Four models to choose from.

Free standing Sensory therapy Gym - Turn your garage or carport into a sensory therapy gym. Residential play frame.

Adults should supervise children at all times while child is using the sensory therapy Gym

Certified Structural Weight certificate -  weight limit 150kg


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