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Climbing Structures

Climbing Structures

Metal Climbing Domes & Metal Climbing Frames.

A Frame trestles and metal climbing domes for physical play, develop gross motor skills and balance

A Frame trestles, Metal Climbing Frames and climbing domes are a great way to develop gross motor skills and balance in children while having fun. Our range includes A Frame Metal Trestles, climbing frames and climbing domes. commercial climbing stones to make your own traverse walls, climbing ropes and climbing rock walls.

In this range we have commercial grade play equipment and also residential outdoor play equipment.

Give your children the opportunity to develop crucial life skills with developing balance and coordination skills with our climbing frames of play equipment products.


Armed rope construction 'perry' -36%
Double Rope Ladder -21%

Double Rope Ladder

$59.00 $75.00
Ninja Ratchet Set -30%

Ninja Ratchet Set

$139.00 $199.00

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