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Jennswing Adaptive Swing Seat BLUE

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Jennswing Adaptive Swing Seat - Inclusive swing seat. GREEN

Inclusive Play Equipment - ADA Accessible Swing Seat the Jennswing

The Jennswing seat is designed to help meet the American Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment in public applications.

Jennswing disability swing seats were designed to allow a child to be more easily lifted onto the swing and quickly strapped in.

The semi-reclined design offers better upper/lower body support, than other disability swings seats offer. The Leg rest gives added support and the arm rest provides lateral support. The Jennswing comes complete with a fully adjustable safety harness that securely locks the child into place at there waist and there shoulders.

With its partially reclined, body-embracing design and easily adjustable safety harness, the Jennswing offers children a safe and comfortable fun ride. There is no true degree that the seat is supposed to be positioned in. It depends on the severity of the child’s disability. Where you attach the H-Shackle will decide the pitch of the seat.

The seat should hang 300mm off the ground in a residential application and 600 in a commercial application.

The Jennswing seat is made out of durable, rotational molded polyethylene plastic and will accommodate children up to 56.7kg. The seat is 14” wide x 11” deep. The seat back is 24” high and knee to foot length is 14” long. It is 45” overall and has a 3/16” thickness.

The JennSwing is Americas number one selling disability swing seat for commercial grade environments.

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