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Therapy Swings

Therapy Swings

Vestibular Swings - Autism Swings - Occupational Therapy Swings - Pod Swings

Sensory Swings are designed to provide therapeutic benefits for children with all abilities and at various ages. Our range of therapy swings includes platform swings, pod swings, sensory nest swings, and occupational therapy swings that provide vestibular therapy and sensory integration for children with special needs. Check out our great range of sensory swings for children with autism who need vestibular sensory input.

Pod Swing RED - DISPLAY ITEM -51%
Pod Chair Swing  - Blue -42%

Pod Chair Swing - Blue

$69.90 $120.00
Cocoon swing 'denoh' -11%

Cocoon swing 'denoh'

$129.00 $145.00
Pod Chair Swing  - Pink -43%

Pod Chair Swing - Pink

$69.00 $120.00

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