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Swings & Nest Swings

Swings & Nest Swings

Residential and Commercial Swings: disabled swings, therapy and sensory swings, swings for adults, and baby swing seats.

Swings help children improve the foundational development of their ABC: agility, balance, and coordination. Swinging provides numerous benefits such as movement and perceptual skills development, spatial awareness and sensory integration. Children playing on swings can improve their balance and coordination by strengthening the vestibular system.

We have a range of swings to choose from including indoor therapy swings, disabled swings, traditional park-style swing seats which are commercial grade quality.

Pod Chair Swing  - Blue -34%

Pod Chair Swing - Blue

$79.00 $120.00
Cocoon swing 'denoh' -11%

Cocoon swing 'denoh'

$129.00 $145.00
Pod Chair Swing  - Pink -43%

Pod Chair Swing - Pink

$69.00 $120.00
Tent Swing LARGE  Pink -40%

Tent Swing LARGE Pink

$139.00 $230.00

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