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DOUBLE Swing Set Free-Standing 90 X 90 Cypress Timber (Green Metal Corners)

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Double Swing Set  - Free Standing  - Timber swing set - 90 x 90 Dressed Cypress Pine Timber - Stained - (Swing seats pictured are not included in price - sold separately)

What a great strong and sturdy FREESTANDING SWING set this is. Our swing sets don't come out of a box, they are Australian Made!

These swing sets are great if your renting  as they are designed to be free standing. So this means you can take the swing set with you if you ever move backyards. The swing sets are supplied with big ground anchor screws, this allows you to cement/dig  into the ground and they simply bolt onto the legs of the frame for added stability for your swing frame

The Swing set includes swing hangers, hardware, Ground anchors, cypress pine top beam and legs. Metal Oblique Swing corners are included.

The benefits of having a outdoor wooden swing set in the backyard is not only its fun to swing on and all kids love to swing, but swinging stimulates our bodies sensory systems, and our vestibular and proprioception systems. 

This swing set is made for residential use and for above ground application. Must have flat level ground for the swing frame to be positioned safely.

Our Swing sets require 1.9 m clearance on the side of the swing set, and 3 m in front and behind swing frame clearance is recommended. 300 mm softfall recommended under and around swing frame or place safety rubber softfall mats that meet Australian standards around and under the swing frame.

Height from ground to underside of the top beam: 2.1 metres. 

Swings seats are not included - sold separately - Swings pictured with the swing frames in this listing are not included in the price.

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