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Parent and Baby swing ‘Chaxi’ - family swing - commercial grade

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Parent and Baby swing ‘Chaxi’


END of SERIES - great price!!

The family swing ‘CHAXI’ is unique within the KBT collection.

 This swing allows for a toddler and parent to swing at the same time face to face playing.

 Our Chaxi swing has a large commercial rubber swing seat for the adult to swing on and a baby cradle seat for toddlers to sit safely while swinging.

 BABY SEAT can be replaced by FULL-BUCKET  (contact us to apply the change)

 The frame consists of two separate halves, which are made from powder coated steel tubes. The family swing is available with commercial grade swings and quality you can trust.

This swing is suitable for a swing beam height with a maximum height of 250cm.

 Swing comes unassembled

Stainless steel chain 6mm

Powder coated steel tube frame


All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations

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