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Commercial Grade Birds Nest Swing Frame. Galvanized Steel Top Bar with Timber legs (90 x 90 Cypress Timber Legs)

  • Brand: KBT Play
  • Product Code: 828.010.020.001SET
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Commercial Grade Birds Nest Swing Frame. Galvanised steel Top Beam and 90 x 90 Cypress timber legs at 2.7m long.

In-ground Application. (Swing is Not Included in this listing - needs to be ordered separately).

Included are commercial grade swing hooks specially designed to attach the birds nest swing. 

This swing frame is an in-ground application so you will need to cement the ground anchors that are fixed to the cypress timber legs.

This KBT designed Birds Nest Swing Frame In-ground Application Swing Set contains the following:

  • 1 x Commercial Steel top beam with commercial grade swing hangers for the birds nest swing.
  • Steel Top Beam Dimensions: Length: 2.95 m x Height: 0.361 m x Depth: 0.431 m
  • 4 x Cypress pine 90 x 90 timber legs that are 2.7 m in length.
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Ground Anchors to be cemented into the ground for extra stability

300 mm soft-fall recommended under and around the swing frame or place safety rubber soft-fall mats that meet Australian standards around and under the swing frame.

If you are looking to bring the park swing home - this is your swing set! This heaving duty swing set is great for adult use or larger children wanting to swing high!
With a galvanised steel top beam and cypress timber legs, this swing frame is heavy duty and built strong and sturdy.
Our Swing sets require 1.9 m clearance on the side of the swing set, 3 m clearance in front of the swing frame and 3 m behind is recommended.

This is a great steel and timber swing set for your backyard. With a commercial grade steel top beam and commercial grade swing hooks this is the best backyard swing set in Oz!

XBNSFset (Description - Timber Legs)

(Swing Seats pictured are sold separately - they are not included in the above price)

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