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Special Needs Inclusive Wheelchair Merry Go Round Commercial Playground

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Special Needs Inclusive Wheelchair Merry Go Round Commercial Playground

Commercial Play Equipment for special needs children. Great size roundabout for all children to play together.

The Wheelchair carousal offers a valuable play experience for children in wheelchairs to enjoy a wonderful spinning sensation along with their friends.

This wheelchair spin is designed for one wheelchair uses and one standing bay and one seated bay.

Spinning helps children learn about the cause-and-effect relationships of body position and movement as they play and this roundabout provides a versatile and innovative way that appeals to all ages and abilities. Highly engineered, strong and durable, it is set flush to the surrounding rubber,  allowing wheelchairs to push directly onto the spinner.

This is a great piece of Commercial grade play equipment designed for children in wheelchairs to enjoy.

This carousel is an inclusive commercial play equipment item, designed for users on a wheelchair and also able bodied ones. Great for schools or parks.

For this equipment the presence of a supervisor of the whole area is mandatory to prevent improper use of equipment and its damage.

Age Range 2 - 12

Dimensions 6.62m x 6.62m

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